Providing Transparency while Protecting Confidentiality

AI’s secure platform collects and aggregates information about arbitrators on a case-by-case basis, but without confidential or identifying information about individual cases. AI also maintains the contributors’ anonymity.


Our Collaboration with Wolters Kluwer

AI works in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer to provide one-stop-shopping for information about international arbitrators. AI Reports will be available on the Kluwer website.


Balancing Accountability and Fairness

Arbitrator Intelligence has in place controls and policies to ensure accuracy and quality in both the information it collects and in its analysis of that information. more here.


Arbitrator Intelligence aims to promote transparency, accountability, and diversity in arbitrator appointments.   


Videos about Arbitrator Intelligence

The founder of Arbitrator Intelligence, Professor Catherine Rogers, at the keynote of the Vienna Arbitration Day 2019.

Explanation of the Arbitrator Intelligence Reports (AIR). Welcome to the New Era of Arbitration

Helsinki International Arbitration Day 2018 - How to Embrace the Disruption in International Arbitration? [Professor Rogers’ Keynote on AI at minute 28] (2018)

AI Ambassadors who led the LatAm AIQ Campaign discuss their work (2018)

Professor Rogers talks about Arbitrator Intelligence (2018)

Professor Rogers Keynotes Paris Event on The Future of the Public-Private Divide in International Arbitration, Discussing public role of arbitrators (2014)


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