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Stipanowich Cites Arbitrator Intelligence as “Opportunity”

January 10, 2015

Professor Stipanowich, in his recently-released research paper, Reflections on the State and Future of Commercial Arbitration: Challenges, Opportunities, Proposals, has cited Arbitrator Intelligence as a specific and recent example of a new “opportunity” for finding appropriate arbitrators.

He states: “[T]here has been considerable discussion (both internationally and within the U.S.) about the possibility of creating a robust template for assessment of arbitrator performance that would greatly enhance the transparency of the system for many participants and, perhaps, enhance overall satisfaction with the process.  Such a template might contain information provided by the arbitrators themselves (including detailed information on breadth and depth of experience, case management philosophy, and list of previous arbitrations without the name of the parties), information provided by arbitral institutions for whom the arbitrator conducted cases (including resolution times, arbitration costs, and the role of the arbitrator), and feedback by parties regarding the arbitrator’s performance.”

The full research paper is available here.