Outreach Initiatives

Outreach Initiatives

Arbitrator Intelligence is working to establish regional networks of individuals and organizations who are interested generally in supporting and promoting AI, and more specifically in helping us to more systematically obtain arbitral awards from court files across the globe. In addition to universities, jurists, institutions, and young arbitration groups, AI will also be seeking to involve law firms with relevant regional specializations. Initial plans focus on outreach to three regions: Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

AI Ambassadors

Regional outreach initiatives are led by AI Ambassadors to respective countries within the region. These Members are donating hundreds of hours of time to promote AI in these regions and identify and create relationships that will facilitate the systematic collection of awards and involvement of people, institutions, and universities in those regions. Collectively, our Ambassadors are comprised of some of the most talented current and recently-graduated J.D., LL.M., and J.S.D. students from these regions. The idea is that by helping AI create this network, each Ambassador has an opportunity to distinguish her or himself as young leaders in the field and establish a network of like-minded and talented colleagues.


If you are interested in collaborating with our Ambassadors or have ideas for connecting resources in new countries and regions, please contact us at outreach@arbitratorintelligence.org or contact Ambassadors directly:

Brazil: Andrey Rank De-Vasconcelos – rankvasconcelos@arbitratorintelligence.org

Chile: Juan Ignacio Chacón juan.chacon@arbitratorintelligence.org

Colombia: Salua Kamerow – skamerow@arbitratorintelligence.org

Ecuador: Lenin Navarro-Moreno – lenin.navarro-moreno@arbitratorintelligence.org

Mexico: Frida Paola Altamirano Jiménez – frida.jimenez@arbitratorintelligence.org