Latin America Outreach Initiative

Latin America is a region of increasing prominence in international arbitration. As arbitration cases from the region have been growing exponentially, parties, counsel, and arbitral centers from the region are becoming increasingly important players in the international arbitration community. For these reasons, Latin America is a region of important focus for the Arbitrator Intelligence, and already Latin American practitioners are among the strongest supporters for AI.

Although arbitration is relatively new to Latin American judiciaries, they are deciding large numbers of cases involving arbitration. Meanwhile, some jurisdictions in Latin America are already globally distinct in adopting technical innovations in court management, such as fully electronic case record-keeping systems.

AI has assembled an extraordinary group of young Latin American attorneys who are rising stars in international arbitration. Together, they are working to help AI build a network of Latin American arbitration specialists, academic and institutional affiliations. They are also working to encourage parties to complete the Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire (AIQ).

Latin America AI Ambassadors

Brazil: Andrey Rank De-Vasconcelos

Chile: Juan Ignacio Chacón

Colombia: Salua Kamerow

Ecuador: Lenin Navarro-Moreno

Mexico: Frida Paola Altamirano Jiménez

Peru: José María de la Jara