Awards in Case Filings Map

This Map indicates court cases in which a party has sought annulment or recognition and enforcement of an Award, appeals of annulment/recognition, and some other related cases.  Ordinarily (but not always) in such proceedings, the Award is attached to the party’s filing and becomes part of the court record.

Information about individual court cases in each country can be accessed by clicking on that country on the Map, or on the dropdown menu of jurisdictions (above to the right).  For each case, Members are invited to access the court file for the case indicated, obtain a copy of the Award on file, and upload the Award for each case pursuant to instructions.  As more awards are contributed for a particular jurisdiction, the shaded color for that jurisdiction will become deeper on the Map.

In each of these cases, an Award is presumably on file.  It is possible, however, that for some cases listed on the Map, no award is in the court files.  It is also important to note that not all jurisdictions allow public access to court filings, although most do.  All Awards should be obtained lawfully and in compliance with local regulations regarding access to court files.

We don’t know about all court cases in which Awards are on file!  If you have information about a court case that likely has an Award in its files, but is not represented on the Map, just click on the button below to add information about a case to our interactive Map.

Help Build Our Map of Court Files Containing Awards!

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