The Arbitrator Intelligence Pact


Parties in international arbitration want and need greater access to crucial information about prospective arbitrators, beyond what is currently available through anecdotal sources or otherwise.

Limited information about prospective arbitrators disproportionately disadvantages parties, law firms, and arbitral institutions that are newer and smaller, and impedes development of a broader, more diverse and more inclusive pool of international arbitrators.

Greater transparency and accountability in arbitrator selection will improve the quality and predictability of arbitrator appointments, which in turn will enhance the continued growth, success, and reliability of international arbitration.

To address these issues, Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) has developed the Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire (AIQ) to systematically collect feedback about arbitrators’ case management and decision-making.  After collecting feedback, AI make crucial information and data analytics based on that information  available through Arbitrator Intelligence Reports (AI Reports).

The AIQ and AI Reports will be most successful if parties, in-house lawyers, lawyers, outside lawyers, and third-party funders commit to and complete the AIQ.

The AI Pact

Accordingly, we the undersigned commit:

  • To support AI’s goals of fairness, transparency, accountability, and diversity in arbitrator selection;
  • To promote completion of AIQs by parties and law firms, at the end of each arbitration, based on best professional judgment, and subject to any applicable confidentiality requirements or client considerations;
  • To assist AI in improving the AIQ and AI Reports and in promoting positive innovations in international arbitration.


Thank you for supporting greater transparency and accountability in arbitrator selection.
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