Member Spotlights

Duarte Duarte

Salua Kamerow

August 19, 2015


Salua Kamreow is an attorney from Colombia, South America. She came to the US to work for the Consulate of Colombia in Miami under an A-2 visa. After working in Miami for 2 years, she moved to State College, PA, where she is currently an LL.M. student at the Dickinson School of Law emphasizing International Arbitration.

AI Opportunities and Challenges in Colombia

“I am volunteering to be an AI Ambassador because I believe this project is the solution to make the choice of arbitrators in particular cases transparent. Public profiles promote fairness. Thus I would like the award amounts to be available to promote education in International Arbitration, and I believe knowledge of who the particular arbitrators are on specific cases will help the profession as a whole.

I think Colombia, my country, will be very receptive to this project because Colombians are by nature well oriented to the evolution of the concept of justice. The difficulty is that in the Courts, there are no protocols to disclose the awards publicly; instead, the decision to publicize the amount of the awards is left to the discretion of the Magistrate head of the court.”