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Duarte Duarte

Lenin Navarro-Moreno

August 12, 2015


The Pennsylvania State University, Master of Laws (LL.M). Associate Editor of the PSU Journal of Law & International Affairs. PSU Certificate: Statutory Rules for Arbitration, Certificate: Legal Counseling in Arbitration. Catholic University of Loja (UTPL), Master of Administrative Law. American University, Washington College of Law, Diploma in International Arbitration. UTPL, Engineer in Public Affairs and Public Administration. United Nations-UNCTAD, Certificate: Managing International Investment Disputes, and Certificate: International Investment Law. International University SEK, Juris-Doctor. SEK, Doctoral Specialization of International Economic Law. SEK, Lawyer, and Bachelor of Law.

Affiliations: Inter-American Bar Association, senior member, Washington D.C. Colegio Abogados Pichincha. Colegio Administradores Pichincha. Center for American and International Law, Institute for Transnational Arbitration, Young Arbitrator Member, Dallas.

Awards: Honorary Member by Invitation and Diploma of the Ecuadorian Section of House of Culture. National Award Benjamín Carrión. Pichincha Battle Award. Award and written Congratulations by The National Congress of Ecuador. Mention of Honor given by the Government of Quito as exemplary citizen, 2011. Written congratulations by the Secretary of the President, on behalf of the President of Ecuador. Written congratulations by the Attorney General of Ecuador. Award -Law Contribution- SEK University. Nominated to the Eugenio Espejo Award. Diploma for relevant  Legal Contribution, by The Ecuadorian Bar Association. Honorary Member of Colegio de Abogados de Pichincha. Graduated with the highest honors, ranked No.1, a) Juris doctor, b) Lawyer, c) Bachelor of Law d) Master in Administrative Law. No. 2,  Engineer in Public Administration. Merit-based scholarships to outstanding LL.M. applicants 2014.

Author: Appendix IX-I and IX-Il, 2 volumes, Legal Encyclopedia Omeba (Mexico D.F.).

AI Opportunities and Challenges in Latin America

“Years ago Latin-America used to export raw materials on the basis of extractive economies, but Latin-America is now facing a different future. In this future, a modern legal framework is the cornerstone of social and economic progress. International arbitration is the most efficient and effective method for resolving disputes arising from international commerce and international investment. In the future, Latin-American business and investments around the world must be protected not only by contracts and laws but with fair and efficient process (arbitration). International business and investment will increase only if arbitration is offered in dispute resolution.

The Arbitration Intelligence initiative has two awesome objectives: a) the  promotion of transparency and ethics in arbitration; and b) the promotion of the mechanism itself in places were arbitration is not accepted.”