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Duarte Duarte

Juan Ignacio Chacon

August 13, 2015


Juan Ignacio Chacon is a Chilean Lawyer with a LL.M. from Penn State University. Currently he serves as legal and legislative counsel for the Ministry of Education of Chile. Until recently he was a Consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank on matters of governance of its directing bodies.

AI Opportunities and Challenges in Chile

“Chile is a country with a recent, although consolidated history of openess to global trade, in which, however, confidence in International Arbitration has not yet settled. In its international commerce Chile remains largely preferring traditional methods of disputes resolution driven by¬† national law. Hence, a systematic knowledge of awards rendered in international trade scenarios similar to those in which Chile dispute its cases, and the knowledge, provided by the existence of a vast network of professionals dedicated to resolving cases submitted for their decision, which is well established worldwide, and that is neatly offered by AI, can lay the foundation of trust needed for the International Arbitration to be preferred as the reliable, flexible and secure method that it is.”