Member Spotlights

Duarte Duarte

José María de la Jara

July 11, 2017


José María de la Jara is an associate at Bullard Falla Ezcurra +, Executive Director at PsychoLAWgy and professor of Law & Psychology at Universidad del Pacífico (Lima, Perú). His research is focused on persuasion, the relation between cognitive biases, emotions and arbitral decision making, and the promotion of transparency in international arbitration.

AI Opportunities and Challenges in Peru

“AI can help Peruvian, Latin American and worldwide arbitration users. In my opinion, AI’s main contribution is to shine light onto the arbitration practices and decision making. So far, this had been a black box. More information about arbitrators will generate transparency, fight against corruption and trigger a more diverse arbitration pool. In this way, the bad players will be taken out of the market and new players – hopefully, younger and more diverse arbitrators – will fill in their spots.”