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Duarte Duarte

Frida Altamirano Jiminez

August 24, 2015


Frida Altamirano is a Mexican attorney at law. She earned an LL.M. in International Commercial Arbitration from Stockholm University. She got international experience through her work for the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Canada and the United States. Now she promotes the Arbitration in Mexico and has begun to work in the academic field.

AI Opportunities and Challenges in Mexico

“In Mexico we need to develop a new generation of arbitrators, and AI is a project that contributes to achieve this goal. In Mexico it is necessary to support projects like AI that promote transparency in the arbitration community.

Arbitrator selection is one of the most important elements of the arbitral procedures, and AI provides useful tools to make a better decision. AI is a great tool for counsels and clients looking for the best arbitrator to resolve a dispute.

Mexico would be receptive to AI because it is an innovative project that combines technology and the opportunity for new practitioners to come into the field. A difficulty AI might face could be the fact that obtaining an award could be a long process. Also, Mexican practitioners might not feel comfortable with the idea that the ‘pool of arbitrators’ is expanding.”