MISSION STATEMENT: Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) aims to promote transparency, fairness, and accountability in the selection of international arbitrators, and to facilitate increased diversity in arbitrator appointments. 

To accomplish its goals of increasing transparency, fairness, accountability, and diversity in arbitrator selection, Arbitrator Intelligence is currently working to develop information from three sources:

  • Aggregated web-based information;
  • Information from past awards by arbitrators; and
  • Information generated through Feedback Questionnaires completed at the end of arbitration cases.

Each of these sources contains information that parties need during the arbitrator selection process, but which can be difficult–or in some cases impossible–to find.

By making information from these sources more equally available, AI aims to promote a fairer and more efficient process for selecting arbitrators. Meanwhile, by providing a neutral clearinghouse of information about international arbitrators, AI will increase the visibility of newer arbitrators and accelerate their to establish international reputations. With more information, can more easily assess and appoint newer arbitrators and increase diversity in the pool of arbitrators.

Our growing community of Members from more than 145 jurisdictions are actively contributing ideas and information to help build Arbitrator Intelligence.  In this sense, AI will be a resource built by the international arbitration community for the benefit of the international arbitration community.

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Latin America Outreach Programs for Arbitrator Intelligence

April 11, 2016

On March 3rd, 2016, Salua Kamerow, Ambassador for the Latin-American Outreach Initiative of Arbitrator Intelligence (AI), was invited to lecture to the students, professors and professionals of two Universities in Santa Marta, Colombia; Universidad Coo …

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Study Aims to Find the Most Influential Arbitrator in the World


AI is not alone in the quest to bring more data-driven analysis to arbitrator assessments. In a recent study published in the Global Arbitration Review, Rishab Gupta and Katrina Limond from Allen & Overy used citation analysis to measure arbitrator …

January 28, 2016

American Lawyer Magazine Points to AI to Promote Arbitrator Diversity


Every two years, American Lawyer Magazine releases a Scorecard on the “Highest Stakes in Arbitration” outlining the world’s largest arbitration cases, the arbitrators who preside over those cases, and the firms who represent parties in those cases. Thi …

July 7, 2015
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