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By submitting responses to the AIQ you can help AI develop a database of information that will make the market for information about arbitrators function more fairly and effectively for all.

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MISSION STATEMENT: Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) aims to promote transparency, accountability, and diversity in arbitrator appointments. 

The primary means through which Arbitrator Intelligence (AI) seeks to fulfill its mission is through development and implementation of the Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire (AIQ) and Arbitrator Intelligence Reports AI Reports) in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer.

Traditionally, the most valuable information about arbitrators has been available only through person-to-person, ad hoc telephone inquiries. Arbitrator Intelligence aims to replicate the same kinds of critical information, but feedback systematically collected at the end of each case through our Questionnaire, or AIQ.  The data collected will then be analyzed and compiled into AI Reports, which will be made available through our partner, Wolters Kluwer.

More, and more systematically collected, feedback about arbitrators will provide international arbitration users with more reliable information about arbitrators.   Publicly available feedback about arbitrators will also allow newer arbitrators better opportunities to develop their reputations and all arbitrators incentives to be effective in their case management.

Our Questionnaire or AIQ has been carefully designed and vetted to ensure that it protects personal data and parties’ confidential information, that it is fair to arbitrators, and that it will produce quality data. For more information about our AIQ, see answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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